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2014 program information

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After 48 days of successful touring in China, Feb., 2012, this Taiwan-based Peking Opera Theatre presents

Maestro Bao-chun Li In The Jester

Time Available: Available after December 1, 2014

English subtitles:

gurantees 100% understanding.

Free Lecutures and Demonstrations

on morning of performance: upon request

Touring Information (including tech. Rider):


No international air fares needed. Onshore per capita share of bus/cargo transportation, accommodation in decent hotels with private bath/shower, breakfast including day of departure for 65 members.

Only one month in the States preferring East and West Coast, or Texas.


TEL: +886-932-319572

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Dr. C. F. Koo Foundation

2021年 辜公亮文教基金會 春季公演

2021年1月30日週六 下午14:30
2021年1月31日週日 下午14:30
2021年2月6日週六 下午14:30
2021年2月7日週日 下午14:30

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