Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre

About Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre

Members of Taipei Liyuan are all professional players of Peking Opera. Trained for nine years in the Taiwan National Academy of Operatic Arts and skillful in Chinese Kung-fu, Acrobatics, and traditional dances as well as instruments, they have joined Taipei Liyuan upon graduating from college and toured the world with the Company as actors/dancers.

Taipei Liyuan was founded in 1998, ten years after her most celebrated leading actor/director Maestro Bao-chun Li, came to Taiwan and started his career as a partner of the Koo foundation, an NPO dedicated to promoting traditional performing arts. The members also performed independently in TaipeiEye, a showcase of Chinese traditional performing arts for tourists in Taipei, with Maestro Li as the Artistic Director. They have won recognitions as a troupe of talents and creativity in both traditional and modern movements and have performed in sundry occasions of cultural exchanges in success.